There is a common misconception amongst Edmonton Realtors, especially those who are new to the business that they are working for home buyers and sellers to help them facilitate a Real Estate transaction.

Agents that have been in the business for some time, and those that are successful, realize that the business they are in is that of Lead Generation. If an agent or a team isn’t generating enough new business to build a sufficient pipeline, they will not succeed.

As we have mentioned before, almost all potential clients who are beginning a new home search, or looking to sell their current property, begin their search online. In 2012 this was over 90% of clients. In this day of instantly accessible information buyers and sells have the capacity to do a large amount of research prior to contacting an agent.

It’s imperative that as a Real Estate Agent in Edmonton in 2012 you are harnessing the power of online marketing to capture this segment of the market.

Ballistic Systems offers a complete system to allow you to capture online leads through a powerful, customized real estate website and other portals. Following the lead capture, leads are filtered into our CRM tool, allowing team leaders to assign and track the activity of the prospects.

Our full library of scripts and presentations allows you and your team to convert these prospects with a much higher conversion rate. Once you have the system generating you additional business you can increase the power of the system to add additional buyers agents to your team.

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